Blonde (Ianebeam)  Strand


Powerful open-faced floodlight with a moving reflector focusing mechanism to vary the
beam from 23° to 70° with even light distribution. Supplied complete with 5 metres of power cable with in-line switch, safety mesh, barndoor and 2000W FEX lamp.

Cat. No. Description
21104 Blonde, 2000W 240V
21103 Blonde, 2000W 230V

Blonde Accessories
Cat. No. Description
43274 Additional FEX 2000W 240V lamp
43273 Additional FEX 2000W 230V lamp
28050 Barndoor, 4-leaf rotating
28051 Wire mesh guard, 3mm
28053 Safety glass in mount
28054 ‘Daylight’ dichroic filter
28304 Scrim set No.4 (full & half 50%; full & half 66%)
82700 Reflector Pack (gold)
82603 Large Gaffer Grip 16mm Spigot
81009 Trojan stand, black
81011 Hercules stand, black, with castors


The Strandbook - page 60 (1990)
Redhead & Blonde Kits
From Jim Laws Collection

Quartzcolor Spares List (2004)
(For interest only - many spares no longer available)
[7.4Mb PDF]
From Strand Archive

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