Synergy Profile  (2019)

Synergy 5 Profile

SYNERGY 5 PROFILE is a brand new powerful and compact LED profile moving head. The unit employs a 420 W pure white LED source (7000K 16,500 Lumens output), coupled with a long excursion 4.6° - 43° motorized linear zoom with autofocus. This carefully studied match delivers a massive 49,900 Lux luminosity (4.6° @ 5 m) with an evenly diffused and flat beam. The unit features a rotating framing system with 4 blades.

2020: DTS introduce Synergy 7 Profile, a new projector that, thanks to its power and elegance, has become "the stallion" in our team of moving heads. With an output up to 55,000 lumens, the Synergy 7 Profile offers incredible versatility and freedom of use.

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