Pacific  (2003 - 2016)

Selecon Pacific 12-28 Zoomspot

Range of 600/800/1000W Profiles
Fixed Focus: 20/30/40/50/90 degree 
Zoom Profiles: 7.5-19, 12-28, 14-35, 23-50, 45-75
Gobo Sizes: A size (12-28, 23-50), B size (14-35 only)
Selecon Pacific 600W
Selecon Pacific Discharge Source 575W MSR
Selecon Pacific 80V Option 1200W 80V

Lamp Holders:
RED: The lamp holder module with a RED handle has a GY9.5 type for use with BP1000W 'Blue-pinch' type lamps or 650W lamps
BLUE: The lamp holder with a BLUE handle has a TP-22 (G9.5) Lampbase and is designed to run with GKV600 range of lamps.

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Pacific Range Configurations
Pacific Range Configurations 
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Pacific PAT testing (July 2006)
[85kb PDF]

Pacific 14/35 Zoomspot Datasheet (October 2011)
[103kb PDF]

Pacific 20 Degree Fixed Profile (October 2011)
[100kb PDF]

Pacific 23/50 Zoomspot Datasheet (October 2011)
[101kb PDF]

Pacific 5 Degree Fixed Profile (October 2011)
[89kb PDF]

Pacific 7.5-19 Zoomspot (October 2011)
[101kb PDF]

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