Event  Jands

Jands Event 36/72

DMX Memory Lighting Desk with two presets
Available types:

  • 24/48
  • 36/72
  • 48/96 (24 playbacks)
  • 408 - with moving light functionality
  • DMX 512 output to control dimmers, moving lights and colour scrollers
  • Wide mode doubles the number of channel faders to 72 channels
  • Assign masters can act as scene masters as well as control chases and theatre-style timed crossfade stacks
  • Ability to instantly assign, crossfade and modify any item
  • User definable files combining memories/chases/stacks
  • Can be fitted with a range of optional accessories including analogue outputs, memory storage card, VDU output, floppy disk drive and desk lights
  • Superwide facility up to 120 channels
  • Timed crossfades in 0.1 second increments
  • Three softpatch tables to 512 DMX channels
  • Pages can contain memories and chases
  • Chase options including dipless steps
  • Cue linking for show automation MIDI control of playback
  • Fast programming of memories
  • Multiple playback facilities
  • Solo safety
  • Password protection
  • Channel preheat
  • 3 option ports (back panel)
  • Console linking to JANDS STAGE / ESP II / EVENT / EVENT PLUS

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