Patt.23  (1953 - 1983)

Pattern 23 with shutters

500W profile
The Pattern 23 was the first mass-produced theatre spotlight in the World. Die-cast by the 5000 for a market in which a gross (144) was thought to be an outsize batch, it was destined to run for thirty years.
Designed by Morgan McLeod.

Baby profile spot
Beam angles: 17° (hp), 30° (tp)
Output: 18000cd
Throw: 8m
Wattage: 500W
Lamp: T/1 500W, T/17 500W P28s lampholder
Colour filter size: 100mm x 100mm

Patt.23 Mark 1Patt. 23 Mark I: 1953 - no shutters - masks are used to shape the beam
Specification of Mark I: 
Ventilated die-cast aluminium body and lens tube assembly designed with medium prefocus lampholder for the alternative lamps listed below. Body is hinged at the rear to give access for lamping and cleaning. Rear part carries a 7-in. diameter super pure anodised reflector and the front half a 7-in. diameter annular spherical reflector to collect light which would otherwise be masked off and wasted. The light is directed onto a gate for diaphragm masks which are focussed hard or soft by an adjustable 3½-in. diameter, 5-in. focus p.c. lens in tube retained by safety chain. Four diaphragm masks with circular holes supplied as standard. Front of lens tube has runners for and is supplied with one metal colour frame. The cast fork with clamping disc and three-eighths of an inch Whitworth threaded hole is fitted with a ½-in. diameter plain stem, allowing lantern to be mounted on a stand. Stem can be unscrewed and replaced by any three-eighths inch Whitworth bolt for fixing to standard L clamps and other suspensions. Wired with 3 ft. heat-resisting tails and stoved crystalline black outside, matt black inside.
Lamps : 250-watt Class B.1 round bulb projector, 500-watt Class A.1 tubular projector*, or preferably 500 watt Class T projector, all with medium prefocus caps.
*Only to be used cap down and only tilted within 22½° of the vertical. 

Patt.23S - Four built-in shutters
Patt.23F - Fresnel lens option, providing a diffused edge to the beam. 
Patt.23N - 11 degree beam, suitable to use as a followspot
Patt.23N/RH - Equipped with rear handle (heatproof) when followspotting

Patt.23 Mark II: Launched in 1968/9. Equipped with 4 shutters. 


HIRE (per week)
1961   £9 17s 6d
1969 20/- (20 shillings = £1) £12 12s 6d (Patt.23 Mk.II)
1974 £1.10 (AJS Theatre Lights)  
1978   £44.00
1980   £55.00
1989   £100.50 for Minim 23

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Pattern 23 Cutting from TABS April 1953
Pattern 23 Cutting from TABS April 1953 (April 1953)
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From Strand Archive
Pattern 23 Cutting from TABS September 1953
Pattern 23 Cutting from TABS September 1953 (September 1953)
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From Strand Archive

1958 Pricelist - page 5 (October 1958)
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From Strand Archive

Pattern 23 Datasheet (1967)
[915kb PDF]
From Strand Archive

1969 Price List - Page 1 (January 1969)
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From Strand Archive

Pattern 23N Mk.II Datasheet (November 1969)
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From Strand Archive

1971 Stage Lighting (p.4) (October 1971)
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From Strand Archive

CCT Hire Price List 1975 p.2 (July 1975)
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CCT Hire Price List 1975 p.6 (July 1975)
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Patt 23 Instructions (1978)
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From Strand Archive

Patt 23 Datasheet (December 1979)
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From Strand Archive

1980 Stage Lighting - Page 4 (February 1980)
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From Roger Fox Collection
Rank Strand Colour Wheel (to fit Patt.23)
Rank Strand Colour Wheel (to fit Patt.23) (July 2014)
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From Strand Archive

Exhibits in the Backstage Heritage Collection

Pattern 23 Baby Mirror Spot - Cutaway  (1953)
This cutaway formed part of a memorable foyer display at Strand Electric HQ, King Street, London, circa 1965
From Jim Laws Collection

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