Shrek The Musical

Directors: Jason Moore & Rob Ashford
Set & Costume Design: Tim Hatley
Lighting Design: Hugh Vanstone
Sound Design: Peter Hulenski

Production History

See Wikipedia page for more information about the differences between the various productions.

Great make-up and costume, and some wonderful set-pieces combine to make this a great piece of entertainment for the family.


Trailer for the London West End production

Automated Scenery (London)

Lighting (London)

Lighting control uses a GrandMA console, with a Hippotizer media server running video.
Moving lights are predominantly Vari*Lites.


A Soundcraft-Studer Vista 5SR sound desk is used front-of-house (at the rear of the stalls).

Video Wall

A (relatively) small video wall is used upstage of the cyclorama to achieve sun and moon effects. The video wall is rigged from a pair of automated trusses which can track it horizonally and vertically to allow the sun / moon to rise & set to trigger Princess Fiona to transform into her night-time ogre.

Official website for the London Production

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Design: Sets and Lighting for the Broadway production
(The London production is missing many of these elements)

The automated floor on Broadway was built by PRG. More information

Official website for the US Tour