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(Replaced by the Solo range in ?1984)


From "Highspot" leaflet (undated)

Rank Strand introduce the Pattern 765, a new follow spot, with outstanding performance characteristics, utilising the ultra-efficient Compact Source Mercury Halide light source.

Conventional tungsten filament projector lamps have an energy light conversion efficiency of around 20 lumens per watt. Short-life, high performance Class CP tungsten halogen lamps attain 26 lumens per watt but the Compact Source Mercury Halide (C.S.I.) lamp is truly remarkable as it gives a four-fold increase to 85 lumens per watt in a compact envelope which allows efficient optical control of this bright source. Being a discharge lamp it cannot be dimmed by varying the line voltage and it is this which precludes it's use for stage lighting.

It is however ideal for a followspot where the high intensity is of greater importance than the convenience of remote control. A special dimming shutter is available so that the beam can be dimmed by the operator if required.

The Pattern 765 C.S.I. followspot employs the new 1000 watt C.S.I. lamp in an efficient optical system to provide an exceptional follow spot, one which is far less bulky than those with a carbon arc light source which have been previously necessary.

The starting equipment is contained within the lamphouse, only a compact regulation unit being external. The gate is fitted with an iris diaphragm, horizontal and vertical stripping shutters. The beam spread provided by the double plano-convex lenses is 14deg max.

Max width 17" (430mm).
Length 42" (1070mm).
Weight 70lb. (31.7kg) excluding external regulation unit, 50lb (23kg).


From Rank Strand brochure (undated)

This follow spot is specially designed to use the robust, single-ended 1000W compact source discharge lamp which is between three and four times more efficient than a tungsten halogen filament lamp. This superior light source complete with the efficient reflector collection and large diameter lenses ensures that the model 765 provides exceptional performance.
This luminaire is fully equipped for ease of operation with adjustments for optimum balance and with all the beam-shaping facilities essential for a Follow Spot including a built-in, side-operated iris diaphragm and blackout disc, and both horizontal and vertical stripping shutters - a convenience notably absent from some others which are mere adaptations of Profile Spots with four push shutters.
There is now a choice of single-ended compact source lamps - the original CSI with a colour temperature of 4100°K which tones in with tungsten lighting, and the relatively new Compact Source Daylight (CID) lamps with a much higher colour temperature of 5500°K nominal. The CID lamp has a lower lumen output but, to the human eye, appears to be much brighter and whiter due to colour contrast with tungsten lighting.

765 Follow Spot
1000W CSI/CID, G.22
4200 deg. K / 5500 deg.K
14degree (11 degree half peak) 770,000 cd (CSI)
Length (excl.handle) 1005mm
Lamphouse 31.7kg
Regulation Unit 23kg


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