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Light Palette® 90

See also Mini Light Palette® 90
Light Palette 90
  • Range of two high specification memory control consoles.
  • Developed for professional theatre and concert halls and for touring
  • Mini Light Palette® 90 controls 576 channels, 1024 dimmers
    Light Palette® 90 controls up to 1536 channels, 1536 dimmers.
  • 24 or 48 fully overlapping, individually programmable submasters.
  • Programming of submasters by flash button.
  • Bank loading of submasters
  • Average 600 memories per show
  • Eight timed or manual playbacks
  • Up to 128 simultaneous fades
  • DMX512 dimmer output protocol
  • Integral alpha-numeric keyboard
  • Submaster control of effects
  • Programmable macros
  • Up to 999 effects, individually programmable steps, including fade in, dwell and fade output steps
  • Notepad display for messages and reminders
  • Function keys and many programmable defaults
  • Full proportional dimmer patching with up to 64 user-definable dimmer names
  • Two high-resolution monitors
  • Remote monitor capability
  • Maximum of two full-function handheld remote control units with LCD display
  • Off-line lighting cue editing software available
  • Grey finish with light grey keytops

The Light Palette® method of operation uses a command line of instructions, entered through the logically-positioned keypads and used to memorise and perform the most complex lighting states, changes and special effects in a simple and fast way.

Light Palette® 90 offers the highest level of facilities with options of desk configuration and expansion, for large scale lighting installations. The system comprises a double-tier desk with 24 or 48 submasters and dual 3.5" disk drives, plus a separate electronics tower.

The electronics tower connects between the main desk and dimmers, and also accepts the input from optional peripherals such as designer's consoles, hand held remote controls, printer and an automated lighting control computer. A dual electronics system is also available to provide full-tracking backup. System capacity is 1536 channels proportionally patched to a maximum of 1536 dimmers connected by three DMX512 multiplex ports.

The Designer's console is a duplicate control desk in a single tier configuration, which may be connected to the single tier submaster outrigger desk (24 or 48 submasters) and two monitors for simultaneous control at the production desk during rehearsal.

Light Palette® 90 is supplied as a complete system with double tier console, single-electronics tower, two monitors for up to 512 dimmers plus cables and handbook. Expansion to 1024 or 1536 dimmers, peripherals, and accessories are ordered separately.

  To Buy:
Item Description
73 094 04 Light Palette 90® system, single electronics, 24 submasters and 2 monitors
73 094 05 Light Palette 90® system, single electronics, 48 submasters and 2 monitors
73 094 01 Light Palette 90® system, dual electronics, 24 submasters and 2 monitors
73 094 02 Light Palette 90® system, dual electronics, 48 submasters and 2 monitors
73 094 13 Designer's Control console, single electronics
  73 094 10 Designer's Control console, dual electronics
  73 088 49 Colour Monitor (two needed per designer's console)
  73 094 18 Submaster outrigger, 24 subs, single electronics
  73 094 19 Submaster outrigger, 48 subs, single electronics
  73 094 15 Submaster outrigger, 24 subs, dual electronics
  73 094 17 Submaster outrigger, 48 subs, dual electronics
  73 081 66 Hand-held focus remote control
  73 094 31 Vinyl dust cover for double-tier console
  73 094 30 Vinyl dust cover for single-tier console

From Strand Lighting catalogue (March 1993)

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